Vice President for 学生生活 & the 教务长

Vice President for 学生生活 & the 教务长 Vice President for 学生生活 & the 教务长

Welcome from the 办公室 of the Vice President for 学生生活 & the 教务长!

The Vice President oversees the vibrant departments of the 学生生活 Division. 学生生活 intersects at multiple points of a student's journey at Saint Mary's. With areas that promote students' living experiences, 健康, 和参与, 学生生活 accompanies students on their academic and co-curricular journey at Saint Mary's. The Division of 学生生活 creates a sense of belonging, offers participatory opportunities, and encourages students to contribute back their talents. Departments within 学生生活 include Campus Assault, 响应, and Education (CARE),  校园房屋, 俱乐部体育, 社区生活, 妇女中心 & 性别平等, Counseling and Psychological 服务, the 教务长, Intercultural Center, 新学生 & Family Programs, Campus 安全 & 运输, Recreational Sports, Student Involvement and 领导, and the Student Health Center.


The Office of the 教务长 is a department within the division of 学生生活 and serves as a key link between students and other areas of campus life. The purpose is to support the out-of-classroom experiences of students in an effort to develop independent, 有公德心的, and responsible adults. The 教务长 staff coordinates the College’s response to crisis situations that involve students and frequently serves as liaisons between students, 教师, and other administrators or offices in many different situations.


Fall 2023 - Welcome from 学生生活 Staff

Our Division of 学生生活 welcomes several new staff to the College! 了解我们的 staff and visit the various offices 在司内! Meet our talented leadership team below. 


2022-2023 Annual Report

The 2022-2023 academic year was a successful year for the Division of 学生生活! Learn more about the Division and its achievements in our



上网 by exploring the campus-wide event calendar, stopping by the Student Involvement & 领导办公室 or visiting with the Residential Experience staff.


Tips for Student Success

Your success is our priority. 使用这个 Quick Information Guide and navigate the information detailed throughout the SMC 学生生活 website for helpful information regarding academic resources, student engagement opportunities, and college-provided support services. 


Our Community Standards

We uphold our Lasallian Core Values and align them with our community standards. If you have a concern for a student or wish to report a violation of The Student Handbook, use the links below. 

  • To notify college administration regarding a student of concern or to file a bias-related incident, complete and submit this 报告的形式.
  • To report an alleged violation of The Student Handbook, complete and submit this incident referral form.

学生生活 领导

Meet the 2023-2024 学生生活 领导 Team!


吉姆来!, Ed.D.
Vice President for 学生生活

Class of 2000, Class of 2022 (Ed.D.)


劳拉·林登, Ed.D.



Director of Residential Experience/Interim Administrative Director for Intercultural Center



Director of the CARE Center/Interim Administrative Director for Wellness


Director of 校园娱乐 and 俱乐部体育


Assistant Vice President for SMC Experience


Associate 教务长/Director of 社区生活


Director of 校园房屋 & 辅助服务

Manjit Sappal

Manjit Sappal
Executive Director for Campus 安全 & 运输


Director of 妇女中心 & 性别平等